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First School-Manhattan
25610 S. Gougar Rd.
Manhattan, IL 60442
(815) 478-6001

First School-Mahomet
1403 E. Oak Street
Mahomet, IL 61853
(217) 586-9990

Available Programs

Infants-(6 weeks-15 months)

The Infant Teacher has a caring, respectful response to the infants needs, both physical and psychological to conveys the message of unconditional love and acceptance. In addition to art and sensory activities, infants are able to interact with teachers who sing and use baby signs.  The infant teachers also use an assessment tool that is designed to provide a means for establishing a daily program for the infants in their care.  This is a great record of your baby's growth and developmental milestones as well as the activities chosen to enhance their day.

Toddlers-(16 months-24 months)

New opportunities for movement and independence, along with the development of spoken language from the curriculum for this class.  Group activities such as singing and stories provide young children with experience of belonging to a community. This freedom in a safe place is crucial to the toddler program. However, it is always tempered by two important limits that will be beneficial for a lifetime; respect for others and respect for the environment.

Two's-(24-36 months)

The education and care of 2 year olds can be described as holistic in nature.  The child's creativity and curiosity is nurtured as they are guided through explorations of many hands-on materials. The child is invited to participate in activities which are appealing to the senses: music, art, movement, and creation bring meaning to their little world.  Listening and attending skills are strengthened as the small child shares picture books, developmental games, and puzzle activities with other children and with a caring, empathetic teacher.  Daily events and a well maintained, prepared environment foster security allowing the child to explore freely and develop at his or her own pace.

Pre-Kindergarten Class-(3,4,5 year olds)

This classroom represents the family structure.  Older students enjoy stature as mentors and role models; younger children feel supported and gain confidence about the challenges ahead. Children work individually or in small groups for a three-hour work period.  At this time, the atmosphere is calm and children concentrating for periods of time that may surprise you. There are few or no whole group lessons during this time.  Self-directed children are encouraged to work independently with minimal teacher direction on activities introduced to them by the teacher. Younger children are able to access all activities with the help of a peer without relying on constant adult assistance or direction.

Before/After Class-(6 years-12 years)

From 6:30 a.m. to 8:00a.m. and 3:00-6:00 p.m., this classroom is available to children who attend the public school and have transportation take them back and forth.  Here, children gain a true sense of community with the friends that they see before school, during public school, and then after school.  Relaxing after a full day of school is part of our afternoon, as well as an enrichment program, and ample outdoor play on our Certified Nature Playground.

Summer Camp-(6 years- 12 years)

For ten short weeks every summer, we can fill bright days with outdoor play, team-building sports, fieldtrips, swimming, and growing friendships. So much is available with an enrichment program that we have in place with the Museum of the Grand Prairie. Archeological dig sites, wild flower plantings, vegetable garden plantings, nature walks, and various other fun.